Joachim Karnath and Fanita English

I met Fanita English the first time at a TA-Training in 1985 at the Odenwald Institut. This encounter convinced me to complete a TA education in the organizational field. We  kept loose contact during the 80-s.

In the early 90-s Fanita and me, we developed a closer cooperation. I organized workshops with Fanita in Germany and in Italy at the Lago Maggiore.

During this cooperation we developed a deeper professional and prersonal friendship.

One result of this friendship was the book „Lebenscoaching“ on which we worked for a few years and which was published in 2009. This book integrates the experience from our different professional background – the therapeutical field of Fanita and the field of business and managent of mine.

Beside the professional collaboration we met on a more private base at several places in Europe, in the US and even in the Carribean Archipel.

This project is based on our friendship.